Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Girl Can Dream…uh…Can’t She?

In case y’all haven’t heard, equality for women took a substantial leap recently.

Heidi Fleiss is reportedly opening a “stud farm” somewhere outside Las Vegas and, according to local L.A. TV station KTLA, she’s hired her first, er, employee. Not that I’d ever pay for sex, mind you, but I couldn’t help clicking on over to see what the guy looked like (you can do the same by clicking here).

Now, aside from the obvious attributes (six pack abs, powerful biceps, etc.) what I like about the guy is that he can take on a myriad of “looks.” Something tells me this might come in handy at ye old brothel.

Say, for instance, Prudence Smalltown comes in with her heart set on a “bad boy.” Yep, this guy fits the bill when he’s sporting facial hair and a “brood.”

Now, what about Lola LaFleur? Maybe she’s tired of the playboys in town and hankers for the Matt Damon type. Yep, our guy’s got that going on, too.

Is there no end to the roles he can play?? Well, he IS an actor, after all. Or was. Not sure adding “stud muffin” to his resume is gonna help his acting career…unless this is just part of a publicity stunt (gee, ya think??).

Years ago, when Heidi had her lingerie shop on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, I popped in just to be able to say I’d, er, popped in. Sure enough, there she was behind the counter, signing underwear. (I had to wonder which career her pops was most proud of—madam to the stars, convicted felon, or tourist attraction oddity.) Anyway, she was very gracious and a pretty good-sized crowd surrounded her. Alas, the novelty must have worn off eventually, hence her latest career (outside of court appearances with actor Tom Sizemore).

But back to the idea of a brothel for women. I have to say I’m all for it. Anyone ever read Butterfly? I couldn’t even remember the name of the author—had to Amazon it (hey, a new verb)—turns out to be Kathryn Harvey and it was published in 1988. The main character ran a secret brothel above an upscale men’s store in Beverly Hills where women could indulge their fantasies. I’m not talking erotica here (or, at least not that I can recall) and each of the characters partaking in the “club” had their own backstories and eventual romances.

As I read the story, I remember thinking….hmmmm….

Again, not that I’d ever pay for sex (ha, that I’d blog about anyway). And you can bet, if I even stepped foot on the premises (ya know…like to keep a friend company or something) I’d have to get plenty liquored up.

Still…the idea of nameless, no-strings-attached, do-what-I-want-when-I-want, oh-sorry-nothing-for-you-today, sex has a certain appeal, doncha think?

Yeah, a girl can dream.

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