Monday, June 08, 2009

Dear Rite-Aid

I'm communicating with you today because I feel strongly that you should re-consider the system by which you refill prescriptions.

Just sayin'.

Now,don't get me wrong--the part where you automatically send me an email when it's time for a refill--LOVE it! And the on-line thingy where I only hafta fill in the blanks--that's pretty cool, too!

But, um...the part where you let someone else walk off with my meds? Not liking that part so much.

Case in point: Last week you notified me via email that my prescription for Vytorin was due to be refilled, so I clicked through, completed the on-line form, and received my confirmation.

So keen.

Then I stopped by on Saturday morning to pick it up..and, guess what?

Your pharmacist couldn't find the little baggy with my name on it. He searched and searched, but no luck.

So then he checked his computer, and guess what? He said, "Ah, yes. Here it is. We filled it on June 4th, and you picked it up already. Will there be anything else?"

Imagine my dismay.

No, wait. My growing concern.

Not for my OWN mental health, dammit. For his.

Because I'm QUITE CERTAIN I didn't make a trip to Rite Aid that I've forgotten. And, as I informed the pharmacist, since I'm single and have no children, no one in my family did EITHER.

Which leaves only one conclusion.

They gave my prescription to the wrong person.

Not good, huh?

(Hence, dear Rite-Aid, you're probably gettin' my drift on why I'm recommending you check into your system.)

Anyway, the pharmacist screwed around on the computer for awhile longer, trying to conjure up a facsimile of the signature in the transaction...but he couldn't make it work, and geez...the customers were stacking could I move to the side while he took care of them...?

Now, if it were me (and MY JOB) I might have been a bit concerned about the implications of the situation. For instance, even though, sure--my cholesterol medication isn't gonna put anyone six feet under, we don't know what that person was SUPPOSED to be getting instead.

And here it was, two days after they'd picked it up--not to mention PAID FOR IT--and they hadn't called the pharmacy...?

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