Monday, May 24, 2010

A Blur of Faces, Names...Shared Histories

As a service to those not on Facebook, I've shamelessly stolen photos to upload from last weekend's Agoura High School Reunion. Enjoy. (P.S. They're tiny--I guess because they're filched.)
Debi Williams, Randy Bruskrud
Gilbert Yablon, Carol Copsey, Jim Hagopian
John Votjek
Sally Feeny, Andi Horowitz
Melissa North, Tamy Hagy
Mr. Miller
Ann Loftin, Melody Maddock
Jim Hagopian, Sally Feeny
Martha McGroarty
Yvette Jespersen
Bonnie Chorney, Cathy Reuter, Cyndi Modlin, Sally Feeny, Tina Greggs, Melissa North
Jeff Chamberlain, Georgeann Nichol, Cyndi Modlin
Randy Bruskrud, Mike Miller

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