Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Writing? What's That?

Long-time blog readers know I'm one of those people who enjoys HAVING WRITTEN rather than, y'know...the actual process itself. Lately, though, I've been getting the itch again. Maybe 'cuz I got a comp copy in the mail with a story I wrote last year. Or maybe 'cuz I'm starting to get a teensy bit more free time, and I ain't doing nothing constructive with it! (Unless, of course, you count watching endless repeats of America's Next Top Model as a worthwhile endeavor, and hey--I could make the case, if pressed).

Then there's the whole RWA conference thing. MAN, I used to look forward to that every year. I'd come away all inspired and ready to bang out the next best seller--or, at the very least, the next DEBUT--every time. But this year?

Not so much.

Especially since it's in Or-friggin'-lando. Land of the kidlets and human cartoon characters. Do I really wanna spend a precious week of time in 200% humidity and screaming children?

Again. Not so much.

Meanwhile, though, I've been reading. Some pretty good stuff, too! (Although, puh-lease...shouldn't a famous author KNOW better than to include TWO THUNDERSTORMS--weeks apart--in a book set in HOLLYWOOD? HA! Those east coast people always get southern California wrong.

Anyway, so that's where I'm at right now, writing-wise. Mulling ideas over...wondering whether to go back to the WIP I was working on when Life so unceremoniously interrupted (or maybe ERUPTED is the more accurate term). Maybe something new.

Maybe nothing at all.

When does the new season of America's Top Model start...?

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