Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hi, Blogger!

Guess what I did?

I kinda re-entered the world of writing again this weekend! I don't know what happened but, yeah...I've been planted in the chair at my computer desk for about 20+ hours. Well, not continuously, but geez. Almost.

The result being...

that I've joined the world of the literary unholy. In other words (no pun intended) I've self-published!

I know. Eeek. Dirty words just a short time ago. But now, as it turns out, people are actually reading on those new-fangled electronic reading devices (better known as the Kindle, the iPad, etc.) When I saw the blogosphere go crazy after Christmas with reports on epubbed book sales, I thought hm.

Then, when fellow author Terry Spear began selling tons of books through various sites, I thought...well, why not me?

So even though I'd had a good nibble from a pretty respectable publishing outfit, I decided to take control of my own writing. After all, in these past two years, I'd lost the joy of it. Now...being my own publisher, who cares? I can write how I want, what I want.

Meanwhile, I trotted out that old manuscript I originally sold to Triskelion (right before they went bankrupt). And, voila. Book. Available for sale here in case anyone's interested.

Hey, maybe I'll even start blogging again!

P.S. Here's the cover I made for it!

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