Saturday, November 26, 2005

Excu-u-u-u-use Me

When I was nine years old, I wrote my first “book” by typing it on a manual typewriter.

If only I had an electric, I thought. Then, I could really write.

By the time I owned an electric typewriter, IBM “correcting selectrics” were all the rage.

If only I had one of those, I thought. Then, I could really write.

Yada, yada, yada…word processors came into being.

If only I had one of those, I thought. Then, I could really write.

This year I’ve been lamenting the 3’ x 2’ desk on which my state-of-the-art computer sits.

If only I had a proper desk and chair, I thought. Then, I could really write.

I work an 8-hour day job.

If only I could stay home all day. Then, I could really write.

Now that I’ve had three days off in a row, I realize I prefer writing at night.

If only I could write all night………

Hm. I’m running out of excuses.


Brooke said...

LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! Ain't that the truth! may have glommed on to something!

I know a gal that struggled and struggled with her writing...she'd sit at her desk all day and barely pound out a word. Then one day, she was feeling crummy and had a deadline looming, so she took her husband's laptop and went and sat in her favorite reading chair...and voila! tons of words...good words even....fell from her fingertips.

So, maybe it is all about finding the right spot and the right time...and then...just doing it...

Oh...hmmm... we have to "do it", too??? It doesn't just happen... damn reality....

Charity said...

more excuses:

Finger cramps
Pets need attention
A bath would feel great
Need some fresh air

Hope this helps a little...but after these you should get to the writing part. LOL

MaryF said...

Oh, I dooooo know this. I actually do like to write at night, after 10. But since I usually leave for work at 6:30 AM....wellll....

Ya gotta make do.