Tuesday, May 01, 2007

If It's May, It Must Be...

...time to drag myself out of bed at least an hour earlier than usual, just to sign myself up for the torture--er, pleasure-- known as editor or agent appointments. Y'all remember my previous rants on the subject, right? Editor or agent appointments are one of the benefits to attending RWA's annual national conference. (Although setting yourself up for a guaranteed panic attack in front of a publishing professional hardly scores as a benefit to me.)

Anyway, let's make one thing clear. Brooke made me do it. Last year, we went to Atlanta unencumbered by dreaded appointments, which allowed us to have The. Best. Time. Ever.

So, why why why...? Why this year?

Beats the hell out of me, frankly. All I know is, we west coast people have to get up before six, make sure our fingers are up to the task of furious typing, log into our RWA accounts and....hands poised over keys...



Server's busy.

Click, Refresh. Server's busy.

Click, Refresh, Repeat.

Still busy.

I got out of bed for this?????

See, the trouble is...I'm already low on the pecking order. Appointments opened up days ago for the current Golden Heart Finalists (as if THEY need extra help) and next came past winners and finalists. Now, today, May 1st, it's Pro and Pan members' turns. Well, guess what? This year, the pickings looked pretty slim to begin with, so I'm not hopeful for



I'm so frustrated I could...I could...I could smoke. Ha. So there.

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