Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not Your Mother's Pravda

I did my morning Internet run-through a few minutes ago, starting with The Drudge Report. Dutifully, I clicked on the headline about how the world is heading for a new Ice Age because, after all, I'm nothing if not hot and cold on the whole climate change issue. Global warming...Ice Age...It's all a toss-up, isn't it? Anyway, I figured I'd check out the latest doomsday prediction.

Naturally, I was quickly distracted by yet another headline on the cover page, this one titled "Hollywood Stars Disappear As They Try To Lose Weight."

Sign me up! I LUVS me a series of before and after photos of ridiculously thin movie stars! So I click on picture after picture, slightly nauseated by the standard set by our society for "beauty." And saddened for these ladies that they live this way.

But then I'm distracted yet AGAIN.

I'm reading this where...??

In PRAVDA? As in...THE Pravda? The one in Russia?

Sure enough. Only I'm reading the English version.

Okay, so when did we f-up the Ruskies with our tabloid-style version of journalism...?

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