Friday, March 13, 2009

New Blog!

Came back from my 6-week check-up with Dr. Schwartz and had this thought: why not consolidate all my cosmetic surgery posts onto one blog for...I dunno...posterity, I guess. So, ta-da. Here it is:

(They just make it so easy to create a blog, plus it's free, so why the hell not? I could create blogs all day!)

Anyway, Dr. Schwartz says I'm healing well (good news!), and that I should feel free to exercise (BAD news!). It's amazing to me that he maintains I'm still not where I'll be six months from now--that the funny stuff I feel behind my ears is NOT bunched up hidden skin but merely SWELLING. And that the area under my chin will continue to firm. I'm tellin' ya, the human body I said, AMAZING. Especially when you consider this PARTICULAR human body is in its sixth decade. (Okay, HOLD ON...think about it. Age 1-10, FIRST decade. Age 11-20, SECOND decade...that's how you can be in your fifties but your sixth decade.)


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