Thursday, March 05, 2009

See, Here's The Thing

Recently, it came to my attention that a certain publishing house is currently acquiring a sub-genre of romance for which my fourth manuscript is a perfect fit. So, get thee to the post office, right? Um, not so fast. Without naming names, this is the publishing house that's had a partial of my first manuscript for over two years, and no--I have it on good authority, it's not lost--so, does it make sense to send them something else?

Should I also add that I heard--straight from an editor's mouth--that the house has all the authors they need in the sub-genre?

Conflicting messages.

Bottom line--I can sit here, making up reasons not to submit (and establish 100% odds of rejection--as in, you can't get a yes on something they haven't seen)...or...get in line with another manuscript.

What the hell. Nothin' to lose.

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