Thursday, April 02, 2009

No More Change, Mr. President


I've had it up to here with change.

I mean, come on. First of all, The Guiding Light? Seriously? After shining brightly since 1952 (and even earlier on radio)? Oh, I see the writing on the wall. The rest of them aren't long for this world either. The Young and The Restless...All My Children. Soon, our afternoon soaps will go the way of...


I mean it, Mr. President. Please don't let them take away my newspaper. It's already a pathetic version of it former robust self, but much tradition there. From the stereotypical reporter who spends his off-hours knocking back shots at the bar down the street to the Sunday edition spread out over the breakfast table. Have you ever tried to spread your computer on the breakfast table? Trust me. Doesn't work.

Last month, I lost a whole slate of radio shows when KLSX went Top 40, but I'm tellin' ya, Barak (can I call you Barak?), if KLOS ditches Mark and Brian in favor of some pre-recorded c-rap (get it?--it's a play on crap and rap--sometimes, I crack myself up), anyway, I'll have to throw away my transistor radio.

I want you to know, Mr. Obama, I don't blame you or the economy. I mean, okay. Sure. Unlimited financial support would help, but all the money in the world's not gonna make up for the people I really blame.

Yep, I'm talking about the youth of today.

If I can paraphrase the immortal words of that well-known philosopher, Linda Ronstadt, who said: "When I got older, I realized that my generation committed a horrible crime against our parents. We literally filled the airwaves with rock 'n' roll, and STOLE their music from them."

You hooligans with your iPods, your Myspace, and your texting. Quit hi-jacking the culture and leave my entertainment alone.


Pat R. said...

C'mon, Randy. The inevitable implosion of print media is a good thing. No longer will our timberlands be savaged. Papermills will cease spewing greenhouse gases into the air we breathe. Diesel-burning newsprint delivery trucks will be obsolete. Is this not a good thing? :):)

Randy said...

Oh, I'm all for going paperless in some areas. Manuscript submissions (yay!)...bills...

But, please. Throw me a bone. Let me keep my newspaper.