Thursday, May 28, 2009

In A Funk

Man. I suppose you've been tuning into the old blog and thinking, what the funk? Where's Randy?

I know. Me, too.

Can't figure it out. Is it summertime, or something? Maybe the rising mercury zaps language processing abilities. God knows, I've got topics to spew on. Last weekend's trip to Harrah's Rincon (btw, I think I'm over gambling)...but then, no. Nothing really special to report there (apologies to my travel partners, but seriously. Can you think of a memorable moment?)

A fascinating internet contact...but maybe too personal to go into now. Will save for later, when I'm more certain the contactee won't mind her story splashed around the globe.

We're kinda in between reality shows, so nothing to vent about on that score (except, wowser--that cougar on the New Jersey housewives--simply amazing).

Deaths. Oh, yeah. A few of those to comment on, but not-so-entertaining, y'know?

Finally, what about my so-called writing career? Yeah baby, now there's a short post!

Don't get me wrong. Sometimes having nothing going on worth blogging suits me just fine.

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