Friday, July 29, 2005

Quick Notes from The RWA Conference

At the moment, I'm sitting in my room (well, duh). But an hour from now, I'll be shaking the hand of the agent I have an appointment with and hoping my palms aren't sweaty.

I pray I won't draw a blank if she asks something like: "Tell me about the conflict between your hero and heroine."

Ack....I'll tell you one thing. I will NEVER schedule appointments again. EVER. Not that I don't think I'll survive and do fine, but just having these moments lurking on the horizon like black clouds over an outdoor wedding...well, you get my drift...sorta takes away from the overall conference experience.

So far, one impression from this conference (my fourth) sticks out in my mind. Usually, this is a four-day pep rally...with a lot of "You Can Do It" kinda motivational speeches. But for the first time, several speakers have candidly admitted, "Not all of you are gonna be published." Hm. Not exactly breaking news, but I've never heard publishing professionals and fellow authors say it aloud before.

Is RWA trying to thin out the ranks?

Are editors and agents in cahoots with them?

Just a thought. One I plan to bring up in conversation at lunch today.

In other news...two critique partners WON their categories in the DAPHNE. This is HUGE for them....the bad news is, neither of these people have actually written the book......?!?!? (Isn't that a no-no?)

On the gambling front, I'm happy to report there's more cash in my wallet than when I arrived. A good sign, right?

Thunderstorms knocked out the hotel cable yesterday. Bummer. I was enjoying a channel that carried a NASA feed.

Okay...I've put it off long enough. Time to don my conference I.D. tag and make my way to the appointment area.


More later when I start taking in oxygen again...

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Carol B. said...

Ohmigosh, Randy, I'd be a basket case. Seriously. Hope it went well. Dying to know... dont' spare details.