Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Man + Boat + Foreign Country = Opportunity for Single Ladies

As a public service to Southern California’s unattached females, I offer the following advice: get thee to the Hotel Coral y Marina in Ensenada, Mexico. Here’s why:

Buying an expensive boat involves a hefty luxury tax but, as usual, Uncle Sam has left a loophole. In this case, if you take possession offshore and dock it in a foreign country for a year (the law just changed—it WAS 90 days), you get to skip the tax.

The downside is that you have to visit your newly purchased pride and joy. Sorta like a weekend custody arrangement.

The result is a bonanza for hotel guests of the female (and single) persuasion. Nothing but rich guys visiting their boats! Now, when it comes to their marital status, you’re on your own--I can’t vouch for whether they’ve slipped that ring to another finger or stashed it with the life preservers--but it’s worth investigating.

View from hotel looking south (morning)

View from hotel looking north (afternoon)

(Sorry for the poor quality pix; I’m too lazy to buy a digital camera so these are off my cell phone—can’t seem to find a setting that prevents the mushroom cloud in the background.)

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