Thursday, September 08, 2005

Remembering September

I can still see this time of year through a child’s eyes. For me, growing up, the month of September was about clean slates and everything new.

New school clothes.
New classroom.
New teacher.
New schoolbooks.
New friends.
New desk uncluttered (yet) with my debris.
New doodle-free notebook with fresh lined paper just waiting for my wisdom.
New opportunities.

Yes, I loved everything about September.

I loved the thrill of anticipating the unknown.

Now the unknown just scares me. Now September is just about managing to get another year older without having found Mr. Right. To make matters worse, this particular September, I have to renew my driver’s license. Yep, I’m finally gonna have to carry around picture I.D. on which I look my age. (By the way, should I cut my hair? Leave it long?)

Anyway, I think one of the reasons I started writing was to give myself an unknown that could simulate the thrill of September all year long.

With a couple submissions floating around at various agencies and publishing houses, there’s a chance something GOOD will happen.

So, the above thoughts flitted through my mind during my drive home from the gym tonight. I pulled in the garage, then went to the mailbox. The first letter I saw bore the unmistakable look of the reply envelopes I use for submissions.

Guess what? Based on seeing three chapters and a synopsis, a publisher has requested the FULL manuscript of FIT FOR LOVE!!!!.

Ah, yes. I LOVE September.

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Carol B. said...

Congrats, Randy!

Best of luck.