Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Vegas Weekend

Ah, the Bellagio...could there be a more beautiful hotel?

Yep, it was another foray to Sin City...this time with "the girls." (L to R: Dodi, Lucille, Cathi) And this time it wasn't about the gambling.

Okay, it was a LITTLE about the gambling. But on Saturday night, we also took in the Barry Manilow show at the Hilton. As rumored, Barry puts on an outstanding show, and dammit...I'd post pictures but SOME PEOPLE follow the rules, so I don't have any.

L to R: Lucille, Dodi, Randy

And, yes...that purse I'm carrying was a little heavy...what with all the CASH I won!! (Big shout-out to my peeps at the Planet Hollywood crap table who kept me company till 6 a.m.!)

1 comment:

Terry said...

I loved how pretty the different hotels were when we went there! Sounds like you had a terrific time!

I'm the last of the big gamblers. I lose a nickel, that's the last danged nickel they're getting out of me. :)