Sunday, May 25, 2008

Four Tales From The Road

1. Marty gets out of the rental car to pump gas, leaving Ann and me inside. One small thing: he’s neglected to put the car in PARK. As we roll backward (and with the driver’s side door aiming for Marty), Ann and I scream. Fortunately, Marty has time to dive back into the car and bring us to a halt. “This is going in the blog,” I yell. (Mind you, this is not even seven minutes into our journey.)

2. Gassed up, we get on the freeway, heading for Laughlin. Two miles later, Marty starts screaming obscenities. What, I wonder, has he forgotten this time? The answer is: SHIRTS. He has forgotten ALL of his shirts. (But not his special iron, of course...oh, no...he’s REMEMBERED the iron.) A quick debate ensues and, thanks to Ann, a return home is NOT the outcome. Nor is an immediate stop at Costco, since we’re trying to get out of the city before the traffic kicks in...which brings us to...

3. A stop at the Azusa Costco an hour later. In the pouring rain, Marty makes a dash into the store, returning ten minutes later with not one, not two...well, let’s cut to the chase: SIX shirts.

4. Okay, so Memorial Day Weekend. Clear, sunny days, right? Perfect driving weather, right? WRONG. Rain, thunder and lightning accompany us for the entire 5-1/2 hours it takes to make our way across the desert. A mental inventory of my suitcase reminds me that for the upcoming three wet and windy days, all I’ve brought are shorts, tops and bathing suits...I’m so screwed.

More to come...including the harrowing search for Ann’s $80 bet slip...Marty’s trip to Sam’s Club for more shirts....

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