Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I May Be Getting Too Old For This...

So, I'm here to vouch for the inadvisability of staying up till 4:30 a.m. on the night prior to travel day. Or maybe it was the shots of Patron ordered by the 3-card poker dealer. Yikes. Suffice to say I moaned and groaned my way across the desert yesterday.

Still...we DID have a blast. And I DEFINITELY came back with lots more cash in my pocket than when I arrived, which is always a good thing.

Speaking of cash...that story I alluded to in the previous post? Ann and I were sitting at a slot machine when she realized she'd lost an $80 bet slip. Now, trust me--I LOVE Ann to death--but sometimes she freaks out prematurely.

Not this time.

She swore she must have left it in the machines we'd been playing twenty minutes earlier. I swore she couldn't have because the woman who swooped in next didn't behave like someone who'd discovered a windfall. Anyway, Ann retraced her movements...and found the bet slip face down under the empty glass of wine she'd set it on.

A creative way to win $80, huh?

Later we dined at The Gourmet Room--a restaurant at Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort Hotel. What a beautiful experience! (If only Ann and I could remember the latter half of the meal. Kidding.)

I'm sure Marty was appropriately attired in one of his new shirts. Oh, not the ones he bought on Friday at the Asuza Costco. I'm talking about the shopping he did on Saturday morning. I mean, come on, folks--what's the world coming to when men SHOP?? Yeah, my head's still spinning. (P.S. Ann and I did NOT accompany him.)

So, that's pretty much it for the 2008 Memorial Day Weekend Laughlin trip. I'm here to report that we encountered ZERO traffic...either because of the gas crunch, the gloomy economy, the lousy weather, or all of the above...which, y'know...would NEVER stop diehards like us.

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