Monday, May 12, 2008

A Perfect Weekend

Geesh. When a plan comes off without a hitch, you don't get much in the way of entertaining blog material...

Suffice to say, on Friday, I flew up to Sacramento to attend my nephew-in-law's surprise 40th birthday party...and everything went as planned. Flights were on-time, car rentals went as scheduled, people were where they were supposed to be...I mean, come on! How can everything go so smoothly?

Hey, can you tell Julie-Ann's preggers?

Anyway, the next morning, I rose early and...well...there was this text message on my phone from a casino called Thunder Valley. (Hm. Wonder how they got my phone number, Marty...) So what better way to kill time waiting for my flight back to Burbank than to meander through Central California's farmland to an Indian casino, right?


So, that's what I did. And several hours later, I emerged from the clanking sound of video slots about $200 richer.


Flew back home, got a good night's sleep and picked up my parents for the Mother's Day soiree up at step-bro Mike's house. Barry and Polly made it back from Sacramento in time to show up for a great bar-b-que.

Got home and caught the last half of the Survivor finale.

So, like I say...pretty much the PERFECT weekend.

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