Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'll try to caption these, however, Blogger doesn't seem to like it when I do. Above is the view from my hotel window. I think it's of the back bay in Gulfport.

Beach across from the hotel; this is where Harrah's used to be before "The Storm."

Hotels left over. The one in the foreground's kind of a mess and not open. We stopped at the other one at 4.a.m. and paid $20 a piece for a burger and fries.

Pool at our hotel...where I contracted lobster feet.

Mike and Randy at the bar in Mike's suite
In the one with the chairs, I was supposed to be artfully draping my leg; in the one at the bar, I "artfully" draped my hand so badly it looked grotesque so I had to crop it out. No, really. It looked like a case of MUTANT HAND. Must've been all that sun and alcohol.

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