Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Score FOUR!

That's right! Last Friday, I received my FOURTH contract from Dorchester for True Romance Magazine. Let's recap, shall we?

MAY issue: "Party For Two -- Catering Our Romance." Got the idea from old high school chum Andi who met her future husband when she catered his fortieth birthday party.

JULY issue: "I Turned A Leaky Faucet Into A Marriage Proposal" (tentative title). Got the idea when I met a girl in a bar who worked as a handyman.

AUGUST issue: "Love On Board" (tentative title). Got the idea when friend Juli's high school class took a 3-day cruise for their reunion.

AUGUST issue: "When The Lights Went Out, My Love Life Brightened Up" (tentative title). From an idea I had for a novel-length story.

Now, if I could only figure out how to apply what I've learned from writing 25-30 page stories to the 300+ suckers.


John said...

Maybe your forte is the 25 pager, and not the 300 sucker. Something seems to be working.

Carol B. said...

I gotta remember to bring some of these to Nat'l for you to autograph. *G*