Friday, August 10, 2007

How Cool Is This?

Got a fax this morning at the day job. At first I almost tossed it, mistakenly sizing it up for spam.

But, wait. Legal mumbo jumbo. I read further, and...


Check it out: We've been identified as plaintiffs in a class action suit against one of those outfits that clog up your fax machine with unsolicited bullshit. Yay! And get this: the "defendant has agreed to allow a judgment to be entered against it in the amount of..." (are you ready???) EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS. (I spelled it out 'cuz all those zeros get confusing).

It goes on to set an upper limit of $500 per plaintiff, and God knows we'll probably never even see a dollar, but still.

Just the thought...

By the way, we get bombarded with crap by a zillion companies, and I can't determine which one this lawsuit pertains to. I'm kinda hoping it's the one about the trip we've won to Bermuda. Over the years, that one's wasted a whole lot of paper.

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