Monday, August 06, 2007

My Brain Asleep

Keep in mind, the following is from the dream I had last night:

Marty, Ann, and I have landed somewhere north of San Francisco. We're waiting for the rental car and chatting with an upper crust type woman.

"Where are you staying?" she asks.

Somewhere in the City, I say to myself. Somewhere really nice.

Marty says: "Probably a Motel 6, or something. Along the way."

Dismay floods through me.

I picture the coastline leading to San Francisco. For some reason, I know it intimately, but I can't remember why. I must have spent time here, I think. Like on a job assignment, or something. Except I've never traveled for my job.

WHY, I keep thinking, is the area so familiar?

Then it comes to me. Sometime in the past, I must have dreamed about being here. Living here. But no...this is a dream, isn't it? Can a person dream about a dream?

Then I woke up.

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