Friday, February 20, 2009

97.1 KLSX -- RIP *Updated

Pardon me while we take a break from the face lift festival to pay tribute to the passing of an LA talk-radio station. Now, I can' t say I was a regular listener, but damn. I AM gonna miss Frosty, Heidi, and Frank on those rare occasions I find myself driving somewhere at noon. And, if I've heard the last of Tim Conway, Jr.'s "What the Hell Did Jesse Jackson Just Say" ...the world will hold a little less joy.

Kudos to the on-air talent (with the exception of Danny Bonaduce who's always kind of a douche bag, isn't he?)--they're handling their exits with grace and inspiration. (Of course, ever-the-cynic, I imagine they're all smart enough to know about bridge burning, but still.) Tom Leykis (on whom I run hot and cold) explained the situation succinctly: in a sucky economy, with ad revenue declining, switching formats from talk to music makes sense 'cuz the latter is less labor-intensive.

Sad, though.

And all I gotta say is this: Nobody better be messing with my Mark and Brian.

You hear me, KLOS?????

*Updated to include this link to Frost, Heidi and Frank's farewell video. Well done, guys.

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Carol Burnside said...

Aw, man. They used to be big in Denver. But back then they were Frosty, Jamie and Frank. Sad.