Saturday, February 07, 2009

Re-Inventing Randy (Part III)

In the last post, I promised...So there they are. While I lay clueless in the OR, Kath went to work at the condo pre-packaging snack-sized baggies half-filled with frozen vegetables--a truly handy item to have on hand!

Meanwhile, let me backtrack a moment because I kinda glossed over the hour immediately following surgery and since certain impressions stand out, perhaps they're worth observing. In particular, I remember how peas-ful and quiet it was. And how strangely comforting it felt to hear Liz going about whatever she does following a procedure (um, like, cleaning up residual Randy remnants?).

I'm not sure what flashback from my past I might be conjuring up. Maybe I'm recalling the story my brother tells of listening to his doctor bang out a real estate deal in the next office after an angiogram or something...anyway, as I lay there adjusting to a new reality, I have a conscious memory of relief at not being subjected to voices...nor of cabinets slamming shut without regard to the person with jangly nerves...just the sound of a professional going through her routine. Like I say, the efforts to make me comfortable didn't go unnoticed! And when Liz brought me apple juice (?) to sip through a straw...ah, heaven. (But an additional mental note: More straws! I need straws at home!)

Also during this time, Dr. Schwartz came in to check on me. He told me later he knew I'd be okay because I was so chipper which, of course, was a deliberate act on my part--never having been through surgery, I desperately didn't wanna be the drama queen, so I guess I achieved my goal? (Okay, to be honest, I DID complain of feeling, uh, shall we say...TENSE...but when Liz mentioned the word "Xanax" I relaxed immediately.)

Anyway, Kath showed up (yay, Kath!) and by the time she and Liz wheeled me down to the car, I felt 100 percent ME. Cheerful. Joyful. Ready to tackle anything.

At home, I easily climbed the stairs to my bedroom (my darling parents thought they'd be insurmountable, and for that reason had practically insisted my recuperation happen at their place--um, no--sorry, folks)...

At this point, I'd pictured being totally out of it, but no! Bring on the phones! Let's CALL people!

First up, of course, I called my parents. What a surprise (to me AND to them) that I sounded so normal, so like myself! Reassuring, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, Kath doled out the crackers and juice. A call was made to my brother and sister-in-law to bring straws, ginger ale, and to pick up a prescription for an inhaler (which I never needed but, owing to my previous breathlessness, Kath thought might be handy to have in case it returned).

And then...then...well, we just chilled, I guess. I suppose I slept off and on, but really, not so much. Besides, not two hours after getting home, my first guests arrived. As Kath let Barry and Polly in the front door, I made my way to the top of the stairs and announced: "The party's up here!"

Uh, I think I may have shocked them a bit...y'know...with the attitude.

Or maybe with how I looked? Ha. Two reactions stand out in my mind: Barry said I already looked 20 years younger (um, right...let's wait for the swelling to go down, 'kay?), and Polly said I didn't look nearly as scary as she'd feared.

But let's not rely on their assessment. You be judge:

(Are ya ready???)

Peas--they're the new rage in fashionable eyeglasses
Let the record PAIN was experienced during the filming of these memorable moments! Truly!


Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Hey, Randy, super blog. :) You're a trooper, lady! :)

Enjoy your time off for good behavior!!! :)

Randy said...

Hey, I had the easy part...