Monday, February 09, 2009

Re-Inventing Randy Part IV

You may have wondered why pre-op prep included the purchase of a 42" flat screen TV. See, here's the deal: I pictured a couple days of bed rest--maybe 48-hours of leave me the hell alone--during which poor Kath would find herself with nothing better to do than watch DVD's on a wonky downstairs TV where even Kate Moss came off looking like a gluttonous pig (the picture is squished into something resembling letterbox format, only it's not.)

So, yeah. I bought a new TV.

Did she watch it? Uh, not so much.

Because, in truth, we were busy upstairs watching cool stuff together like a marathon of America's Top Model episodes. Oh, and those skanky OC housewives. (Ugh. Imagine my dismay when one of the wives accompanied her mother to a face lift appointment. Yeah, thanks Bravo. I really needed the affirmation that I belong firmly in the aging mom category rather than the young hot housewife. I hate when that happens. On the other hand, thanks too for that expression on the daughter's face--the one prompting me to cackle yes my dear, your time will come soon enough.)

Anyway, I know. Meow.

Also on the agenda in the early going--namely the day after surgery--was a return trip to the doctor's office where I went from 'early mummy' to 'fashionable urban turbanista.'
(Geeez, am I sharing too much???? Wait until you see the photos that prompted a warning from my sister-in-law to cease and desist.)

Sidenote: I now realize I should have tried to post these memories in real time, to lend a sense of how quickly the days passed. Oh, well. Use your imagination.

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