Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stealing Amy--No Such Thing As an Old Review

Faithful blog readers will remember that I originally sold Stealing Amy back in 2006 (eeek! 2006!) to an epublisher. It was released in February (or thereabouts) of 2007 and I withdrew the rights three weeks later for various reasons. Didn't matter one way or another because the (RWA approved) publisher went bankrupt in June of that year.

Ah, yes. Live and learn.

Another reason to self-publish!

Just sayin'....
But the point that time, I'd begun a lot of the promo hoo-ha involved with releasing a book, including the round of review sites. Don't know how cool it is to bring up an old review, but hey. It can still be found on the Internet, so why not?

Here's an excerpt from The Romance Studio:

Randy Jeanne has written an exciting, fast-paced read about the pitfalls of stolen identity and the drawbacks of falling in love. She uses her imagination and her sense of adventure to show many difficulties in their budding romance and the interruptions of both his unwanted exes; she was constantly pressured by the appearance of her mother. The wittiness is incredible!

I thoroughly enjoyed this light-hearted romance. There was a little bit of sex, a little humor, a little nosiness, some responsibility to others, and, of course, some danger--all the wonderful aspects of any novel. I wholeheartedly recommend this book!

Today I googled Stealing Amy and GEEZ. A lot of my earlier efforts still exist--especially tons of links to the "movie" trailer I made. case you run across that, please ignore the reference to Triskelion Publishing! It can, however, be found at Amazon (Kindle version) and Barnes and Noble (Nook version).


Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn said...

Hey, it's still a valid review of your work. I'm using mine (similar circumstances) from before. Gotta use what you have, y'know?

Carol Kilgore said...

When we began writing, who knew the publishing business was frought with such peril? But we learned quickly.

Randy said...

Yup. We sure did! :)