Monday, October 03, 2005

The Birthday Season

Boy, do I know how to milk a birthday, or what?

Officially, this year my birthday season kicked off a day early when Jovonna decorated my office and we had cake at work. Then I left the next day to celebrate in Ensenada and returned on the 19th. On the 22nd, I feted myself with the single ticket to Luis Miguel’s concert. Got home after midnight, rose at four the next morning and flew to Oregon for the weekend with Marty and Ann. The following Friday (this brings us to September 30th) a bunch of friends showed up with presents and cake at a nearby nightclub.

Here’s what I have left: dinner with Joe sometime this week; presents and cake with family on the 9th when we do a combo celebration for my dad, my brother, and myself; and last but not least, a party in Laguna with my college girlfriends. More presents, more cake.

Um, d’ya think I’m a little old for this?

Nah, me either.

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ali and marty said...

Hi Randy. This kind of sounds like our past cruise agenda. Party girl! Happy Belated Birthday. Be on the lookout for a personal email or phone call soon! Love, Your Cape Cod Party Pals...Ali and Marty
P.S. I have to type in letters you know how tough that is after four glasses of wine??? :-)