Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fun With Google

Agents and Editors are asked if they ever ‘Google’ a prospective client/author. Some say they do; others deny it.

I live in fear that one will look up my blog on the day I’ve posted something like the following, but shoot. Let’s have some fun, shall we?

Here’s the deal (I saw this on someone else’s blog but can’t remember whose or else I’d give credit where it is so well-deserved). Go to google and type in your name followed by the word ‘needs’. That’s right. Google can tell you what you need! Is there no end to the service these savvy people provide? But, be forewarned. Sometimes you have to read between the lines. On the whole though, I think we as a society can dispatch shrinks to the crap heap and quit reading our daily horoscopes. Google’s got us covered.

Here’s a sample of what I learned about myself:

1. Randy needs help from Raider mates.

2. Randy needs to list every skill she used in each of her jobs Randy needs to write a song about the "search for weapons of mass destrucion". ...

3. Randy needs a loving and committed family to give her a sense of belonging.
... minions are in place to quash the rebellion, and Randy needs a nap

4. Randy needs to fight wandy now and dana needs to authorize Randy to go to japan.

Hm. Anytime I hear I need a nap, I know someone’s been spying on my private life. Not sure what kind of help those Raider folks will provide, but I’m willing to accept it. And, Japan? Sure, I’ll go!

So, what does Google say YOU need?

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