Monday, October 10, 2005

Check's In The Mail

Er, rather…the manuscript is. Yep. Finally got the sucker out last Friday after an emergency read-through by Brooke who spent her lunch hours and other precious moments making sure I hadn’t missed anything really, really, stupid.

Was it perfect?


Will it ever be?

Probably not.

Think of it. This is a manuscript I finished almost TWO YEARS ago. I did a lot of editing/revising back then when I first queried and submitted a couple places. After a handful of rejections, I put it on the back burner while I finished my second manuscript. Then, after National last July, I decided I’d never really given Fit For Love its proper chance, so I put it through a second round of queries. Voila…more requests. And, voila. More editing/revising. This time, a month’s worth.

Now, it’s back to the WIP (work-in-process). Talk about changing gears! Aside from this blog, I haven’t written anything “new” in a month! Hope I remember how.

The good news is, I dragged out what I’d been working on (well, the part I could find—I had a computer crash at home and hopefully the full version is on my computer at work—see, that’s how long it’s been—I don’t even know where the thing IS) and I really, really liked it. So, tonight it’s back to the drawing board.

First rule of submitting manuscripts: while they’re under consideration…write, write, write some more.


Charity said...

I am so happy for you! Good job putting it into the box, that is very brave of you! I am sure it is wonderful!

randy said...

Thanks, Charity!