Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloweeeeeeen

Sigh. Well, it was one of those years I had to ‘splain my costume. My first clue came when my housecleaner left a note after seeing some of the components on my bed. “Wish I could have seen you dressed up as a Mexican lady. I’m sure you looked beautiful!”

Um, Mexican lady? Is that what people would think I was??

So, here’s the deal. I wore a southern belle dress with the flouncy skirt, the pouffy sleeves, and the lacy gloves. Then I topped it off with……a Mexican sombrero. And, for the piece de resistance, I carried a couple bags of tacos from (have you guessed yet?)…Taco Bell.

Get it?


I was Taco Belle.

And here’s the pic (and others) to prove it.

Marty and Ann...tattooed and pierced!

Dodi and Cathi...AKA...Minnie and the Bride From Hell Alexis and Penny...the mother/daughter duo


ali and marty said...

Randy Jean you continue to be the party machine. Taco Belle. Nice. I won't ask if you were available for take out or delivery? He he.
Happy Halloween! Love, Ali and Marty

Carol B. said...

I love it! Taco Belle! How inventive. I can never think of stuff like that.