Monday, February 13, 2006

Back To The Future

Over the weekend, I was going to visit my parents and I thought how nice it would be if I had something fun to take them. You know, a little giftee. So, here’s the conversation I had with myself:

Me: Gee, what could I take over to Daddy and Annie’s? Hmm…Too bad I haven’t ordered that Il Divo CD Annie wants from Amazon yet. Darn, should have ordered it when she mentioned seeing them on Oprah so it would have arrived by now. If only there was a place you could go and…oh, wait…

Then I remembered. You see, they have these places called RECORD STORES. What a concept! You drive there, park, go inside, and they have the CD RIGHT THERE ON THE PREMISES. No waiting for UPS to deliver! How COOL is that???

Sometimes the Internet, like my brain, is so overrated.

By the way…Happy Birthday to Blog-reader Mindy (a.k.a. my oldest niece). How’d you go and get so old, huh? Thirty-fricking-nine? Geez. I remember when you looked like this:

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