Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Scatching My Head Over This

Geesh. Some people have too much time on their hands.

Either that, or they’re plain nuts.

Here’s the deal: It was announced over the weekend that the winning ticket for the $365 million powerball lottery was sold in Nebraska.

Monday was a holiday so the lottery offices were closed. Up pops a guy who strolls into a restaurant in Lincoln with his “niece” and “son”, claiming to be the winner. Much to everyone’s delight, he springs for lunch all around. To the tune of $2,000.

Must be the winner, right?


But close enough for the media. Good Morning America and World News Tonight (among others) swooped in and put him on TV.

Alas, he was NOT the winner. Turns out he flew in from Oregon to have a little fun, courtesy of some author who lives in Austin Texas who financed the airline tickets, hotel, and lunch-buying spree. There’s a third party involved—some guy in Connecticut who’s described as a professional prankster.

Excuse me, professional prankster?

Where do I go to apply? How do the employee benefits rate? Is there a pension plan?

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