Friday, February 10, 2006

Love That Bob...Er, Blob...Er, Blog!

(Anyone old enough to get the pun there? Yanno…Love that Bob, starring Robert Cummings? Yikes. Really dating myself.)

Anyway, most of my blog readers aren’t writers, let alone readers of romance. So, as my public service gesture of the day, I point you to the blog of two authors you should be reading. Namely, Jenny Crusie and Bob Mayer.

First, a little history.

Jenny was on her way to a Ph.D. at Ohio State University in feminist criticism and nineteenth century British and American literature (which I mention only to prove that romance writers are highly educated!), when she got sidetracked. Long story short, she ended up writing romance novels instead. Now before all you blog readers think “yuck,” try to keep an open mind. I happen to know a non-romance reader who stumbled on Jenny and LOVES her books.

As for a little history on Bob Mayer…well, suffice to say Bob is a West Point grad who, according to his website, “spent twenty years on active and reserve duty in the Infantry and Green Berets.” Guess it won’t surprise you to learn he writes action/adventure. Lots of it.

Somehow (the stars must have been aligned in some weird, wacky way) these two hooked up to write what they’re calling “romantic adventure.” The product of their collaboration, Don’t Look Down, arrives in bookstores this April.

The best part (for us fledgling writers) is that to promote the upcoming release, they’re keeping a “dueling blog” here. Not only are the posts witty and entertaining, they’re downright educational for writers. Hell, for observers of male/female communication!

Even if you don’t read romance, action, or adventure (well, then…what DO you read)…click on over to Jenny and Bob’s blog, have yourself a laugh…learn a little about writing…and maybe even get an insight into the other gender. Oh, and a little tip? Don’t be lazy. I’ve directed you to the January archives, so scroll down and start reading from the beginning. Then click on February and/or Current posts to continue to the present.

There'll be a quiz later.

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