Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My Blah-Blah-Blog

I'm drawing a blog blank.

No, really.

I have almost absolutely nothing to say. Must be the Winter doldrums. I mean, all I can do is update ya on the uninvited office guest situation...aka...varmints invade the workplace.

So, I'm still losing on that front. The other day, I was tapping along on my keyboard and I looked up to see a little guy peeking around the corner of the monitor. By the time I could screech and run around the other side of my desk, he went scurrying down the computer cord. Ten minutes later, he was back. Peeking from the same place.

Geesh. Guess mice have a pretty flat learning curve. (Ha. I should talk. Twice now, he's sprung the trap we set, but managed to elude its evil grip.)

Let's see, what else. Gotta rejection from the agent who requested a partial of Stealing Amy the other day. Enough said on that subject.

I've written about eight new pages on Leftovers after what seems like a long hiatus. Feels like I'm getting back in the groove.

Oh, here's some news: I registered for the RWA National Conference today. It's in Atlanta this year which should be a lot of fun. Hm. I suppose some of you remember my vow to refrain from attending unless I'd procured an agent and/or sold. Well, I still have until July, yanno. Miracles could happen by then.

One of our employees turned 60 today. I've known him since I was about 16 and he was 24. Oops. Right. Those of you who don't know me can do the math. Hard to reconcile that groovy guy in platform shoes with the grey-haired guy blowing out candles down the hall.

Where did the time go?

Off to see Mamma Mia tonight for the THIRD time. Isn't it weird that ABBA songs would turn out to be so fun?

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