Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mind If I Whine?

I’m in some physical pain today. Not constant. Just when I move a certain way. Like when I look over my right shoulder before changing lanes.

But it’s not in my shoulder, and it’s not in my hip.

I think I sprained my waist.

Can you do that? Is it possible? What kind of physical mistake do you have to make to sprain your waist?

My guess is that it happened while I sat in my unergonometrical (nonergonometrical? Ijust like to say it) chair a couple hours this morning critiquing chapters for writing friends.

Yep, that must be it. Carpal tunnel syndrome of the waist.

Where do I go to file my disability claim?

In unrelated news: it HAILED in southern California today. No, really. Right there on my patio. A little pile of ice crystals that melted about 30 seconds later. Tonight, I'm praying for snow. Hey, it could happen.

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