Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bird Flu?

Maybe that's what it is. Those woebegone birds that appeared out of nowhere on my deck in the middle of the ocean--looking like WTF? How'd I end up here? They must have been carrying avian flu.

Either that or I killed a lot more brain cells than usual with the alcohol consumption on board. Let's see...champagne, wine, screwdrivers...all health drinks in their own way, don't you think?

In any event, I know I'm being lazy, but my head's still too befuzzled (hence words like that) to construct a literate telling of the recent vacation tales.

So, I'll use the go-to: More pictures!

Mahogany Beach, Jamaica

A particularly good night for towel animals in my stateroom

L to R: Mr. Martay With the Partay, his wife Anna Margarita de la Cruz, and The Third Wheel (that would be moi)

My wraparound balcony at dawn. I know. I coulda cleaned up a little. Hey, I was on vacation.

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Ali and Marty said...

Hope you had a great cruise. Love your new pic. Thanks for keeping up with my blog. Please check back every few days. I will ramble and/or vent.
Always wishing you the best...your Cape Cod Fan Club...Ali and Marty