Friday, June 02, 2006

Just Because

So, I've been having a rough week.

Besides the bye-bye vacation blues, there's this low-grade temp I haven't been able to shake, and I had that stupid tooth pulled on Tuesday. Let's not even talk about the fact my friggin' cable's out.

(Bitch, bitch, gripe, gripe.)

Then, around ten this morning, a flower delivery man arrived in our parking lot. While he went about his business, another gal and I lamented how they're never for us. A bunch of women work upstairs so I didn't even stick around to see him enter the building.

Well, apparently, he didn't.

About two o'clock, my receptionist buzzed me and said (with a giggle): "Randy, can you come to the front office?"

I looked out the window to the parking lot and noticed Flower Guy had returned.

No. Could it be????
Well, yes. As a matter of fact, it could.

The card was from my friend Nancy, and it said: "Just because."
I feel so special today!!!!!!!!!

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John said...

You may have the post vacation blues, but at least you got to go on one. Try more post vacation pic sharing on your blog to feel better. Your fan club awaits.

You look younger and prettier in your recent pics. You quit smoking?