Saturday, June 10, 2006

DWBI--Driving While Being an Idiot

So, picture this:

I swing into the parking lot in front the Rite-Aid and prepare to make a left. I even have my flippin’ blinker on. Coming out of the row (into which I—blinker flashing!—hope to turn) is a big ol’ SUV, driven by a woman. She’s half in/half out of the aisle, stopped, and talking to someone who’s at her door. Ahead of me, a car is backing out of the slots that face the store, so there’s really nothing for me to do but wait. Which I do. Patiently.

Finally, the big ol’ SUV starts to move in my direction, only she miscalculates and can’t quite make the turn, so now she’s facing me head-on.

I wait some more.

She backs up, corrects, and as she approaches, I sense one of those impending sheepish waves with a mouthed “sorry”.

Instead, I get: “Thanks, BITCH!”


I rerun the scene in my mind. Apparently, I—the one forced to wait while she chatted with her friend—I—the one right where I was supposed to be with my bloody blinker on—should have backed up so she didn’t have to.

And for this indiscretion, I deserved to be called a bitch.


All I have to say is that in this day and age, I don't care where you are--bedroom community, downtown L.A., or racing down the 101--screaming ephithets at another driver (particularly one in the right) can have a serious impact on your life expectancy.


Brooke said...

Yeah, it's getting more and more trying on the roads these days. Either they are rude or impatient or both.

And the bigger the SUV...the bigger the bully behind the wheel...

Marty said...

Owning a valet parking company, I find that those driving those large SUV's are usually "compensating" for something...

John said...

Have a co-worker who drives a 1987 Jetta to work, pre-dinged like chicken pox and with bailing wire holding the rusted bumpers on. Nobody cuts in front of him, nobody tries to beat him to a parking place, nobody expects him to get out of their way. If occasionally someone forgets, they get a bit of his car on theirs and leave a bit of their car on his. Someday, it's going to backfire, but until it does, he pretty much drives his car where he feels like, politely, of course.

Carol B. said...

I had a similar experience this week. I'm making a left turn out of a turn lane (natch). The guy in the left turn lane of the street I'm turning into is stopped 5 feet over the crosswalk and honks like crazy at ME because I got close to his car while trying to manuver around his shiny Caddy.


Anonymous said...

I just earned the DWBI badge: