Thursday, June 15, 2006

I Shouldn't Be Trusted...

…with small easily-lost objects.

Yes, folks. My brand new digital camera is missing. I haven’t even friggin’ paid for it yet. In fact, the credit card bill came today.

So, there’s only a couple—well, several but less than you’d imagine—places it could be. My last conscious memory of it was at Zin’s Bistro where Ann and I had dinner Tuesday night. I specifically remember touching the case, giving thought to taking a picture, then deciding it was too much trouble.

I called the restaurant. Yes, they had a Canon digital camera (no case) but it wasn’t the model number I gave the hostess. When I realized I’d given her the model number to my new Sonicare toothbrush (yeah, I hear ya), I physically drove down there. Nope. Still wrong model number.

Next, I went to the market. Maybe I took it out of my purse at the check-out counter while fishing for my wallet. Well, if I did, they don’t have it.

The only other public place it could be is the liquor store near work. The guys in there are friendly and honest…it may be my last hope, ‘cuz I’ve already scoured the house.

Unless it’s on my desk at work….? Anyone who remembers the photo I posted of my desk will recall it’s a possibility. I mean, I glanced around today, but…I suppose it coulda fallen on the floor and been swallowed up by newspapers or somethin’.

Damn, I’m majorly bummed. And re-thinking that great idea I had about carrying my camera at all times so as to never miss a fab shot. Who am I, Annie Liebovitz?


Anonymous said...

Am I behind the times.....I don't know who Annie Liebowitz is.

randy said...

She's a famous photographer. You see her photos in Vanity Fair a lot.

Anonymous said...