Friday, October 13, 2006

365 Days

...a.k.a. ONE YEAR. As of TODAY.

That's how long ago I sent the requested full of Fit For Love to a New York publisher. Regular blog readers will remember the senior editor recalled it as "currently under consideration" back at RWA National in late July.

Not that I'm holding my breath, mind you, but no day has passed without the same thought blipping on my radar: "maybe today will be the day."

Eventually, I added the tag line: "yay or nay. Something. Please."

First-time writers have to be taught the concept of starting a new book while jumping through the hoops to sell the first one. Well, I did...and...I did. Wrote and sold, albeit to an epublisher. Now I'm finishing my third. See the way this works?

And you thought waiting for the next installment of the Sopranos was hard....


Brooke said...

LOL! And "they" say "patience is a virtue... But long does one need to be patient! I've heard (and even you've heard!) that they are taking 13 months and longer...

Hopefully you'll hear something positive soon! I have my fingers crossed for ya!

KimW said...

ooh, I'd love to win those earrings. They would look so beautiful on me. lol When Halloween comes around, I'm a big "chicken" and never watch any of those scary movies. lol

Good luck to you with Fit For Love!