Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ounce by Ounce

Ever notice how wearing something new kinda puts a spring in your step? Even though you know the same dress will seem like just another rag in the closet a year from now?

Today I'm all springy because that recent spree for cleavage-free wedding attire resulted in a net gain of three frocks for the office. Since y'all know how much I detest sojourns to the mall for ANY reason (apparently, when they were handing out the shopping gene, I was off picking up the one for gambling), I was quite pleased with the treasure trove I came home with.

And, judging by the comments, it appears my co-workers were tired of seeing the same old same old, for they fell all over themselves with compliments.

Then, I realized (somewhat triumphantly). It’s not the new dresses; it’s the weight loss!

Okay, so I had to kinda help them along with this notion, but they’re learning. One guy even called me ‘skinny’ today! (Yes, it’s true I sign his paycheck, but I’ve been doing so for nearly six years, so I’m pretty sure that’s not it.)

The fact is…although I’ve kept pretty mum about it, Jenny Craig and I have been going steady now since late July. Yes, even with all the little sidetrips, the birthday bashes, and weddings (TWO, count ‘em TWO pieces of cake on Sunday!), I’ve continue to whittle away at the goal. (Actually, I HAVE no real goal in mind, but that’s another issue.)

And for the first time in three years, I sense a bit of the old me returning. Well, actually, a bit LESS of the old me.

For those of you who’ve never had to diet (I hate you, please go away) it must be hard to imagine what a little success will do for your motivation. Especially after going through weeks and weeks with only a couple pounds to show for your efforts. A couple pounds doesn’t get you into a different section of your closet. A couple pounds doesn’t get you into a different size at the mall—all it gets you is frustrated with how long the process takes.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a baby boomer--for me, the concept of delayed gratification went bye-bye with the advent of mass consumerism. I want it all, and I want it now.

But like I’ve said before: life, like writing, is all about baby steps.

Which translate to ounces…which translate to pounds….

Ah, yes. Life is good today!

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