Thursday, October 12, 2006

;) ;) ;)

...that's three more winks, in case anyone's keeping track.

Oh, I know my blog title is "Randy Writes Romance" and, strictly speaking, we're s'posed to be talkin' romance writing here, but...well...the search for romance kinda applies, doesn't it?

So, as you might have figured out, I got three more nibbles at that line I threw out on At least this time all three are in California. One is actually good looking. The other two, not bad. One appears to be very sweet, but a tad on the old side for me and...well...he says he's a social drinker but has never been drunk in his life! (Okay, Blogreader John, I'm sure that probably applies to you, too--no comments necessary!) But isn't the point of this to be as honest and realistic as possible? So, ixnay on the ocialsay inkerdray.

And you know what? Ditto for the other two. Cuz here's the deal: All three say they're nonsmokers but they'll accept someone who smokes occasionally or is trying to quit.

Uh-uh. Been there, done that. The guy says it's okay at the beginning, then he turns into Simon Legree around date four. Don't get me started.

So what, you may ask, are the qualities I might wink back at?

Ha. I'll let you know when I see 'em.

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John said...

Hard to get drunk when you don't drink. I do sip some wine on accasion, about a quarter cup at the most ever and have yet to take seconds in 57 years. So, never even been tipsy.

However, I'm a non-smoker who would not consider a smoker, so these guys are more your direction than you may think. And every now and then you do mention the slight chance you might someday consider fewer smokes. Might is the optimum word here.

Despite your often description of yourself, I don't see a chain smoking drunk as your idea man, or anything close to it.

The true qualities of a relationship often have very little to do with external activites, but with what touches the heart. And no one can tell what that is until it happens.