Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Showtime on the Net

Tomorrow's my first foray into the wild world of promotion. (Yeah, I know. Turns out writing the book is only the prologue--if you will--to publishing. Geesh.).

So far, I'm not the poster child for this stuff.

First, you join about a million on-line loops (readers groups, writers groups, review sites, etc.). Then, er, you're supposed to jump in and start participating...make friends...get your name out there...establish a presence. Only, it's a bit like walking into a new school on the first day--everyone's an upperclassperson, everyone knows their way around, and you (okay, I) feel like an idiot.

Sure, your fellow "students" are nice. Yes, they welcome you with open arms. And, most are willing to share their lunch...


It's hard being the new kid on the block.


At 53.

Or, maybe there's just a whole lot of truth in the old axiom about teaching an old dog new tricks.

Speaking of which, I learned one today in preparing for the on-line soiree tomorrow. Among other things, I'll be posting excerpts from Stealing Amy. So tonight I scouted my manuscript for two-page scenes that a) represent the plot, b) show off the characterization, c) start with a hook, d) end with a hook, and e) entertain.

Turns out, this is not as easy as it seems!

Which got me to thinking…what if I wrote every scene as though it were destined to show up somewhere as a teaser? What if I put every scene to the “a through e” test as I was writing it?

Yep, that's why the writing biz learning curve is....er...exactly, what shape would that be? Steep? Long? Flat?

This is why I'm a writer, not an engineer.

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Brooke said...

I'm thinkin' curvacious might work! We start out big at the top (the beginning) thinking we know it all...hit the tiny middle where we learn we know nothing...and then move on to those beautiful fuller hips...where we find out we know a lot more than we thougt we did. And like a curvacious woman...we are always trying to improve ourselves...