Tuesday, November 28, 2006

9,000 And Counting **See Updates Below

I feel like I wrote a sh*tload already tonight but as you can see, I've got 9,000 words to go. By 11:59 Thursday night.

Man, I'm tempted to give in. I mean, it's not like anything bad'll happen if I don't make it. Hell, nothing good's gonna happen if I DO.

Ugh. Doncha hate intrinsic rewards? 'Cuz that's all this is about. A few moments of clapping myself on the back. Is it worth the mental torment? Is it worth pushing myself the extra mile (or two, or three...or 9,000)?????

Okay. Deep breaths and let's break it down into do-able parts.

9,000 words equals roughly 36 pages. (Please note and REMEMBER that on a good day, non-Nano time, I eke out TWO, THREE, or sometimes FOUR pages). At my recent Nano clip however, I've been known to scribble (okay, TYPE) upwards of ten.


If I write three more pages tonight, and then fifteen tomorrow and fifteen on Thursday, voila. (Update #1: See? I can't even do math properly anymore. I have to write SIX more pages tonight...and that sound you hear is me sobbing inconsolably.) (Update #2: Yee haw! Up to 43,000...and I must've done the math incorrectly again (too tired to figure out where I went wrong)...7,000 left to go, two days to do it in, 3500 per day, FOURTEEN pages (not FIFTEEN) per day!)

Then I upload that sucker to the NaNoWriMo boys and get some sort of flag icon to put on my blog saying I "won" NaNoWriMo 2006.

Oh, hell. I'm going for it.

Peace out.

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