Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sideways X 2

Clever title, really.

With virtually everyone out of town (sob, sigh, whimper) I had to do SOMETHING, right? So on Friday, I popped into the car and headed north guessed it...the Chumash Casino. My reason was twofold. Oh sure, the casino at the end was reward in itself, but it was also a GORGEOUS Fall day here in Southern Cal.

So, first...I went here....

Then I continued up through Santa Barbara and cut through on the San Marcos Pass. After you go over that bridge I posted a while back, you emerge on one of those "views that goes on forever" and it includes Lake Cachuma and the Santa Ynez Valley.

God, these pix look horrible, don't they? Must be something to do with the way I re-sized them so I wouldn't have to wait forever while they uploaded.

Anyway...this, "Sideways" country...yep, the route the guys take to end up with Virginia Madsen and that Oh lady--the one on Grey's Anatomy.

Of course, I didn't have any "Sideways" experiences...

Oh, and the "x 2" in the title?

Yesterday, I did it all again.

Okay, so y'all don't think I have a gambling problem...on day two, I went to meet a girlfriend.

And in case you're keeping score: the first day I won $100; the second I lost about $150...which puts me $50 in the hole for the weekend...but...well, you have to agree those views are priceless, right?

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