Friday, November 03, 2006

Public Humiliation

Amazing how putting that stupid NaNoWriMo graphic tube thingy on my blog has inspired me. I HATE to see that minus sign...and it's not fair, because I pretty much (well, so far for two days) get my total in right before midnight which means...almost moments after I do it, I'm already behind!

Still...I'm proud of my achievement so far. Yeah, two days worth!

Really, folks. First, I got up early again this morning and banged out 500 words, then tonight I rushed home after work (late, because our CPA was there) banged out about another 500, then went to a girls' night out affair (so FUN!), got home at 11:45, and thought: Dammit, I'm not letting fun interfere with progress!

So...I wrote and wrote and wrote...stopping about every ten minutes to check my wordcount, and finally reached the goal for the day. Okay, so it's not the most scintillating scene ever written...and, in truth, when I go back to edit, the scene probably won't even make the cut...still...I learned about my character, strengthened my whole notion of who she is, and


For those of you dropping by who are doing NaNo, you GET IT, right??

Now it's 12:32 a.m., I have to be up...well, early...and tomorrow I have to zip home, gussy up, and get to the Westin at LAX for the Pacific Dancesport Championships (er, no...I'm not performing, I'm a spectator). WHEN am I going to squeeze in tomorrow's 1666 words?

All donations gladly accepted. Leave your contributions in the comment section.


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