Friday, November 17, 2006

Getting There

Hope y'all are keeping track of my NaNo progress on the sidebar. It's killing me to keep lagging behind. BUT. Writing buddy Jax has issued a challenge: meet her at 30,000 by Sunday. (Can you hear the engines revving?)

Here's the problem. At the halfway mark (25,000 words), in the non-NaNo world, I've got roughly 56,000 more words to go, which translates to roughly 224 manuscript pages. Now, most people average about 3 pages per scene, three scenes to a chapter. That means...argggghhhh...74 (SEVENTY-FOUR) scenes to go....74 (SEVENTY-FOUR) riveting, essential, conflict-filled scenes to go.

Kinda daunting when I don't even know what happens next after scene 30.

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Vonda said...

Good luck with NaNo, Randy! I just can't get into that for some reason. I must have a different mindset or method?? I hope you finish yours and get all the words you need. :-)