Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Sneer In The Face Of Failure

Okay, I believe if we check back through the archives, we're well into week four (five? oh, who's counting) of the latest episode of "Randy Re-Joins The Gym."

And what do I have to show for it?

Um, nothing...far as I can tell.

Oh, I thought I saw progress. On Friday night, I even wore a pair of jeans that came out of the part of the closet known as the "pray first" area.

Alas, according to the scale: nada. (Which also explains the results of yesterday's post.)

And yet, I persevere. (Well, what else can I do??) Even though (sob, sob) my favorite Monday high/low class has turned into (oh, the horror of it all) a hip-hop class. ::Sigh:: I gave it the old (operative word being OLD) college try...but as you might guess, this ancient white woman don't do no hip-hop.

Without a class to take, I headed for the machines last night. Naturally, the treadmills were all booked up, leaving me little choice but to...oh, no...not the ellipticals! More specifically, the NEW ellipticals! (Yeah, those machines that in order to maneuver successfully, one must imitate a Clydesdale. Those ellipticals.)

Two minutes in, I concluded...well, that two minutes were enough, so I stopped. But then, I dunno...something got me going again. Somehow--truly, I don't know how--I managed fifteen minutes. Then (whew!) a treadmill opened up. Man, the difference was like a surprise vacation.

Yes, fans...I soldier on. Tonight is "Abs and Assets," the toughest class of 'em all.

After last night, I even look forward to it. (Wait a minute. Did I type that out loud?)

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