Saturday, February 02, 2008

I'm So Jazzed

I'll bet you thought, what with all the photos and crap I've been posting lately, with nary a WORD about my writing, that I was SLACKING.

Well, you'd be wrong!

I've actually made great strides, thanks to an email challenge I received mid-January. Yes, indeedy, I'm not only racing for the backstretch, I'm ON the backstretch and heading for the wire. Only about 50 more pages to write!


Suddenly, 50 pages sounds like a whole helluva lot of words...not to mention butt-in-chair-hands-on-keyboard time. Still...

I'm jazzed.

Oh! AND, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready? I have a working title!! Yes, at long last...something to call this sucker other than WIP...or "that piece of crap I've been working on."

Are you ready?

(Drum roll, please)

"Lights! Cameras! Love!"

That's it. That's the title. Too schmaltzy? I think it may be too schmaltzy. But so far, two writing friends have given me the seal of approval.

Then, my imagination ran rampant. Hmmmmm...I thought...the partial with an editor at Dorchester? That's Fit For Love.

Love, love, love (hey, if it's good enough for the Beatles, it oughta be good enough for me).

Then, I thought...maybe I should change "Leftovers" to "Leftover Love."

Three books. Three loves.

Am I onto something?


John said...

Too schmaltzy. If you want to use the film chiché, just go with it and add something on the end, such as "Lights! Camera! Action! and then some..." or something like that.

Leftovers from a romance writer is self explanatory, with just enough of an uncertainty to grab a reader.

Carol B. said...

I'm with John on the "Leftovers". It's got pizzaz.